The Pathways Program provides recommended treatment pathways for newly diagnosed patients with breast, colon, lung, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, ovarian, prostate, and renal cancers who are receiving chemotherapy for the first time or for patients who are receiving a new line of chemotherapy due to disease progression or metastases.
Providing the Path to
Value Based Care.
Program Success
"This program has been an integral part of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's Value Partnerships lineup since 2010. The Pathways Program has an active Steering Committee consisting of Michigan-based oncologists who are committed to the delivery of high quality, efficient, evidence-based care. The program dynamically responds to new data regarding effective therapies and ways in which to optimize care. We look forward to the integration of the CARET application into practice workflows, and we are confident that practices will greatly benefit from this web-based, decision support tool."

-Thomas Ruane, M.D.
Medical Director, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan